Sleeve gastrectomy operation, tube stomach surgery alone is the most preferred operation type among obesity surgeries, which provides sufficient weight loss. In the tube stomach operation, firstly, adherent adipose tissues are separated by the latest technological devices that perform vascular sealing and cutting. After this stage, a tube stomach is inserted into the patient, the stomach is left on the left side of the stomach accompanied by the calibration of the tube, and the excess stomach tissue is removed from the hunger that we call the trocar hole with 3 rows of holes. The stomach operation is performed laparoscopically through 5 holes approximately one centimeter in size. With closed surgery, patients experience less pain and return to their social life earlier.

How does a-Tube Stomach Surgery Make Us Lose Weight?

Due to the shrinking stomach volume after the operation, the stomach is filled with a small amount of food, and at the same time, the patients do not feel hunger due to the absence of hormones that cause the feeling of hunger released from the stomach dome.

What are the Advantages of This Surgery?

Tube stomach surgery is the type of surgery that is the least played with the anatomy of the digestive system, the duration of operation and technical requirement are less than other types of surgery, vitamin and mineral losses are less common than other types of surgery.

What are the Disadvantages of This Surgery?

A short-term disadvantage of tube stomach surgery is not known. The results of the long-term 20s years are not yet known.

Post-Operative Period

After different surgeons have different approaches on the liquid food start time after the operation, after the absence of leakage after an abdominal radiograph taken within the first three days after the operation, the drinking period begins with liquid clear foods. After this phase under the supervision of a dietician, the patients gradually add solid food after 1 period. they pass.

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