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Fellow Gastric Sleeve patient

Hello, My name is Anne-Marie, I have a Gastric Sleeve, and I had my Surgery in March 2018 in Turkey where I live. It is the best decision I ever made and the biggest gift that I gave to myself. My only regret is why did I not do this sooner.

My journey was simple, straightforward and I had a strategy. I love the way I eat its better than I ever ate before and nutritious and packed with flavour and health benefits. I was so inspired by the whole journey that I wanted to share with you, some of the life-changing tips and benefits of having a sleeve. I can reveal the secret to my successful weight loss, I lost all of the weight as was predicted by my Surgeon Prof. Dr. Nurullah Bülbüller.

I am now a regular size person and life is Good!

I am healthy and happy and active and I know my quality of life is packed with energy and vitality and self-care is the most important thing. My sleeve is a tool that I respect and pay attention to in a way that I have incorporated into my daily routine so it has become automatic but it is an acquired skill that I intend to share with you.

If you have a sleeve and are curious, or you are thinking or planning on having a VSG surgery, then I invite you to join me.
Wishing You everything that you wish for your self.


  • I am 160 cm tall, that is 5'3"
  • I weighed 94 Kg at the time of my surgery
  • I have maintained my current 60 Kg since February 2019
  • So that is a weight loss of 34 Kg, so I am now 9 stone 4. Correct for my height on the mid-range end.
  • I achieved this in 11 months.

If you are interested in my hospital

If you are interested in having the gastric sleeve operation at the same hospital I have, I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Just contact me

Also, my doctors have been very generous in giving me a promo code (ANNE-MARIE) that will allow you to save on the medications you need post-op (this is 3 months worth of meds and at least £400 of value)


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